ESAF SHG Federation

The SHG Federation of ESAF is a network of several SHG s and a structure evolved by SHGs members consisting of representatives from different geographical settings with a motive of supporting members to attain the goals of economic and social empowerment of women members and their capacity building.



The vision of SHG Federation is to build Self-Help communities of love, store rx concern and solidarity among the poor woman irrespective of cast creed or colour, shop to empower themselves economically and socially whereby they can live with dignity 


Objecives of SHG Federation

  1. To facilitate linkages between SHGs and banks/govt. agencies/local institutions.
  2. To have better access to development information and marketing linkages.
  3. To help in achieving sustainability of SHG.
  4. To strengthen (through training, information dissemination, on-site support, etc) the capacity of member-SHGs in one or more of a variety of fields (bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, financial management, advocacy, bank-linkage, accessing government schemes, to name some).
  5. To provide credit, especially multiple credit lines.
  6. To provide savings facilities, especially voluntary savings.
  7. To undertake marketing of the produce of the members of the SHGs.
  8. To provide life/loan insurance services.
  9. To create the political/social space that women need to live their lives as fully as they desire to.



  • The trust is completely owned by the cluster members.
  • Democratic and equal participation.
  • Loan disbursement without delay.
  • Systematic investment plans.
  • Opportunities in different investments.
  • Opportunities in getting units of the company.
  • More opportunity for Leadership.
  • Variety of Leadership trainings.
  • Freedom for decision making collectively in developmental activity.

Major Activities

  • The Members of ESAF SHG Federation are not only participating in the loan programs, but are being accompanied and engaged with education, training, and other important innovative services.

Training to women as Entrepreneurs
Providing Credit and other financial services
Promotion of income generation activities
Business development activities
Business development activities
Savings and thrift schemes through Self-Help Groups
Small Entrepreneur Development programs
Capacity Building – Leadership Building

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