ESAF Swasraya Bazaar

ESAF Retail (P) Ltd.

Branches: Mannuthy, healing Pattikkad, drugstore Wadakkancherry, Nellangara, Villagannur

Number of Stores: 5 

Warehouse: 1 at Pattikkad, Thrissur


We aim at promoting locally produced food and consumables by Sangam members by linking them to markets through our supermarkets and other retailers. We ensure that all our products are sourced from primary producers avoiding intermediaries and pass on the price benefit and value to the consumers.
ESAF plans to open more supermarkets in the near future by raising equity and support from like minded institutions and social investors.

Value addition

ESAF has a team that inspects quality of the products that are sourced and also provides training where ever necessary in areas such as packing, branding, grading, cleaning etc. and thus ensure locally sourced products are made valuable to be sold in main stream retail supermarkets.
ESAF Retail provides employment to the local community through its supermarkets and warehouse where our Sangham members are offered employment on contract basis for cleaning and packing the products that are sourced locally.
The Sangham members, when linked to mainstream retail supermarkets, get an opportunity to increase the production capacity resulting in increased business volume. Since the volume of production is comparatively high, they can keep the cost of production minimal (law of large numbers)which results in higher margin of profit for them.



Contact ESAF Retail

ESAF Retail (P) Ltd.


Ebenezer Shopping Complex,

Market Road, Mannuthy, Thrissur.

Tel: 0487 3293210, 09388633904

E-mail: esafrpl@gmail.com


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