ESAF Natural Resource Management (NRM)


NRM- Natural Resource management division of ESAF aims to facilitate the proper stewardship of God’s creation and in making the natural resources accessible to everyone.

Working areas

Non Conventional Energy and Green Conservancy projects
Rural water supply and sanitation projects for Kerala Govt.
Engineering Services
Micro Energy projects


Non-Conventional Energy projects

Promotion of Biogas Plants and incinerator for managing Bio-degradable solid wastes. Under this, troche ESAF has constructed biogas plants for Southern
Naval Command, cheap Kerala Hotel and Restaurant Association (KHRA), Hospitals, Educational institutions etc, of varying capacity from 40m 3 – 1.5m 3 .


Green Conservancy projects

Conservation of premises from unhygienic condition through controlling unwanted growth of weeds, maintaining natural flow of drainage and safe disposal of garbage generated from the compound.
Promotion of Vermi Compost: The easiest way for degrading biomass and ensuring the availability of organic manure Rural Water Supply and Sanitation project for Kerala Govt. Undertaking World Bank aided projects such as Jalanidhi & Jeevadhara, for ensuring the availability of drinking water and various lively hood means to rural people.


Engineering Services

Planning and Consultancy services for launching new buildings, designing and undertaking interior works and assisting Tsunami relief works
through by constructing low budget houses.


Micro Energy

Utilization of Solar Energy as an alternative energy source for human being, promotion of Smokeless Oven for marginalized community.

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