Linking Small Producers to Markets



A just & fair society through sustainable holistic transformation of poor and the marginalized.
Assure quality, help add value & link producer members to market.

Forming of ESAF Swasraya Producers Company Ltd. (ESPCL)
In order to encourage the entrepreneurial skills of rural women ESAF Swasraya Producer Company Ltd (ESPCL) was launched under the parent Organization ESAF, sildenafil in the year 2005-06. Launching of the company proved to be a success as the Business Development Services of the company played a major part in linking the primary producers with the market, thereby assuring quality of the products. It also helped the SHG members, as they could fine tune their skills through training and avail other back-end support for income generation activities. Community Ownership is the majorcharacteristic of this business model, as all the producer members are given a chance to invest in the company.
We market the products being produced by our sangam members through 'Prerana Lifestyle' our retail outlet for marketing handicraft items. ESAF always strives to develop innovative designs in handicrafts using Bamboo, Screw Pine and Natural Fiber. We have almost 250 full time artisans working in 12 work centers. In fact, more than 1000 families are enjoying the benefits of this initiative. We regularly upgrade the skills of artisans through training cum entrepreneurship development programs. Three designers are fully dedicated to come out with new trendsetting designs.

For more info. www.preranahandicrafts.com



Contact ESPCL

ESAF Swasraya Producers Co. Ltd.

Ebenezer Complex, Mannuthy P.O

Thrissur, Kerala, India.

E-mail: info@preranahandicrafts.com

Ph: 09349701501, 09349701457


ESPCL Jharkhand Office

ESAF, Near Municipality Office

Dumka, Jharkhand, India. 814 101

Tel: 09308458386

E-mail: dumka@preranahandicrafts.com

Web: www.preranahandicrafts.com



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