Her flight of fancy

Hemakumari, click Durg

hema_kumari_140 year old Hemakumari has been associated with ESAF for four years. She owns a shop in Durg to sell seasonal clothes, cure fancy items like bangles, earrings and other cosmetics suitable for daily use. She also has a photocopy machine worth ` 7,000. She knows what to stock in her shop as she understands her catchment area clearly. She manages the shop by her own. Even though she was into the business for the last five years, she just took the first loan from ESAF three years back. When she wanted to expand her business she took a loan of ` 15,000. Using the amount, she stocked clothes worth ` 10,000 and fancy items worth the remaining amount. With the help of the loan taken from ESAF, she also installed a photo copy machine. The photocopy machine also helped her to get a regular stream of income and helped her in countering the seasonal nature of her other stocks. After expansion, her income has increased from ` 4,000 to ` 15,000 every month. With every loan taken from ESAF she has the confidence of expanding her business more. Now she earns ` 15,000 month and has invested in National Pension Scheme. She also owns a savings account as well. She contributes ` 100 to her LIC policy every day. She is also supported by her family in the business. The problem she now faces is in getting publicity for the shop.

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