Stitching dreams step by step
Radhamani, Tamil Nadu
radhamaniAt the age of 26, buy when most women prefer to relax on the shoulders of their better halves, fate had left Radhamani without  any  such  shoulders  to  rest.  As a widow she adorned multiple roles to get things moving for her and her son, including the role of a house maid at her home town Thotipalayam, Thudiyalur. Radhamani was adept in tailoring but couldn't find sufficient orders to rely on it as a primary income source.   Meanwhile, she joined ESAF Microfinance as a sangam member  and not surprisingly, utilized her first loan of Rs. 8,000 to buy a new tailoring machine. Through her sangam network she found it easy to get stitching orders and the small loan never gave her sleepless nights over repayment.
Gradually she shifted her work base from home to a rented house and officially launched her tailoring shop. Using her 4th loan cycle, she expanded her tailoring shop to a readymade garments shop. She started taking readymade garments from Erode and selling it at her shop. Her daily income now increased ten folds from Rs.100/ day to Rs.1,000/day. The life insurance and pension schemes provided by ESAF encouraged her to cultivate her savings habit. No wonder, her standard of living improved and now she owned a house with concrete roof in five cents and didn't need to compromise on her favourite dishes. Moreover, she was happy that she could give reasonably good education to her son. Now she focuses on improving her revenues and has plans to open another shop in Coimbatore, which will help her to attain the twin aim of profit maximization and new job opportunities for the poor. She is grateful to ESAF for the hassle free loans provided at the right time.

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