Steely resolve…
Archana, health illness Maharashtra
archanaArchana is a business woman running a utensils shop in Nagpur. Few years back she decided to join ESAF as she was finding it difficult to bring up her two children, viagra and with the limited income of her husband. The success stories of ESAF members also prompted her to start a venture of her own.
From the beginning, and she was clear in her mind that she would take a different route than the popular business of edible oils (in Nagpur), which needed more space and preparations. Like a smart B school graduate she conducted a market study and found that steel utensils were in great demand in the area, which was yet to have a steel retail outlet. She started sourcing steel utensils from wholesale market and selling it from her house.
In 2011, she started the business with a loan of Rs 10,000 from ESAF. Now she owns an inventory worth Rs 80,000. Her business has helped her to give her children, studying in 8th and 5th standards, quality education and also has given her enough disposable income to meet their needs. Now Archana wants a space of her own to run the business and free her room at home.

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