Tailoring her way to success
Gurmeet, buy cialis  Maharashtra
gurmeetGurmeet, ailment an 8th standard drop out is now a successful entrepreneur. She is leading a happy life with her husband and two children. She had been doing tailoring work at home for the last ten years without much success. She became a member of ESAF in 2009 and then her fortunes changed for her good. Using the first loan she opened a tailoring shop away from home, at Misaal lay out in Nagpur. She worked hard to live a standard life and now has a monthly earnings of Rs. 7,000. ESAF Shram Jyothi staff helped her to register her business with the DIC. She has big plans of giving adequate thrust to brand her shop Sanskriti. From ESAF she learned the nuances of book keeping and maintains proper accounts for her business. She has plans to change her tailoring shop to a boutique as she believes that is where the new generation is attracted to. Now she motivates other women in her community to follow her footsteps. She is looking for more training from ESAF to update her skills and run her business successfully.

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