The bamboo artist...
Sitamuni Hembrom, Jharkhand
sitamuniSitamuni Hembrom and her family were living in abject poverty and were struggling to survive. She belonged to the traditional Bamboo Craft artisans communities, viagra the Mohalis. The community mainly depends on Bamboo crafts for their livelihood. For most women in her tribe, the skill of weaving mats promises a great way of generating income. However, at her village traditional skills are not promoted on a large scale. Amidst huge talent they live in abject poverty. To get rid of her plight, she started working at stone crushers. The income hardly helped her family in earning two square meals a day. The financial situation barely helped her to feed even her kids. Soon she started looking for new avenues and thus came to know about ESAF. She took micro loan from ESAF and started her own venture. The bamboo handicrafts skill training conducted by ESAF benefitted her a lot. She also attended financial literacy training that was organized by ESAF Microfinance in her village. Soon she realised the importance of savings and opened up a bank account. No wonder, Sita now has a better life and an improved income.

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