Small toys... Big dreams...
Sindhya, Tamil Nadu
sindhya34 year old Sindya is always fond of children. For someone who lived a community life from childhood, cialis 'being a child' always holds a special place. No wonder, patient she ended up in the business of running a toy shop, something that children never wanted to part with. In her childhood, she used to dream of becoming a teacher. But later she chose a profession which made her more dear to the new generation of children. Her shop also sells Jewellery for women.
She got skill training from ESAF staff before launching her venture and marketing support after the launch. Now she plans to expand her business using her 4th loan cycle of Rs.30,000. She also trains other ESAF sangam members from her community. A few trainees under her already started new ventures of their own.
More than a decade and a half back, she learnt the art of making soft toys. Then, it was a novel idea especially in the community she belonged to at Minjur, Tamil Nadu. Moreover, the support of her community was very much encouraging for Sindya to pursue her passion. Her husband Jayakrishnan also support her during his free time. She has a boy child aged six. For Sindya, who has an qualification of plus two, education of her children holds utmost significance. Apart from her profession, she is busy at home with her routine works like cleaning house, washing utensils and clothes, mopping the floor and preparing food. She lives in a small house with three rooms and it has sufficient basic facilities.
After receiving her first loan of Rs.10,000 from ESAF in 2010, she decided not to rely on money lenders. She thanks ESAF to bring the much desired change in her life. Her family now prefers occasionally fish and rice instead of vegetables. They now own household valuables like TV and Fridge. Her children now study in a reputed school nearby. She is willing to work hard and scale her business to the next level. With the support of ESAF, she is now free of debts and her priority is to save some money for the education and marriage of her children. Now her current income is Rs.10,000 – Rs.12,000 per month. Before joining ESAF, she mostly depended on her husband's earnings.

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