parasakthiCrispy success story
Parashakthi, pilule recipe Kerala
Parashakthi aged 37 engages in the business of preparing crispy tapioca chips and selling it to bakeries in and around Thrissur.  She is well supported by her family members including husband Subramani.  Before associating with ESAF as a sangam member she used to earn a paltry sum of Rs 6000 per month.  After receiving the loans of ESAF her business has grown by five times. This results in complete upliftment of her total well-being. Now she is willing to consult doctors for solving medical issues of her family members. For someone who has an elementary school qualification of fifth standard what she has achieved through her business is truly outstanding. She is thankful to Bindhu, treatment doctor her neighbour who introduced her to ESAF and the better infrastructure available in her part of the world.
Appropriate utilization of loans is the secret of her success. The lady with a good business mind makes sure that the loans are used to buy utensils like big pans and stove and raw materials like oil and tapioca to support the business. Through ESAF she has also enrolled in National Pension Scheme promoted by the Central Government. Like any other mother she also wants her daughter to settle down and the son to step into the business and take it to the next level. Parashakthi lives in Pulazhi Thrissur in a one bed room house with a kitchen and a toilet. She has two children Shivapriya (19) and Jayadevan (14). The boy is studying in Tamilnadu and she has plans to get her daughter married soon.

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