ushasuccessstoryIt's been 5 years since Usha Pampavan enrolled as a client of ESAF Microfinance. The 43 year old lady has been engaged in the business of making pappadams for the past 25 years. She lives a happy life at Chembuthra with her husband, pilule who works as a mason. Even after 27 years of married life a divine blessing in the form of an offspring still eludes the couple. But nothing can stop the enthusiasm of Usha in honestly discharging her duties and she is thankful to ESAF Microfinance for the timely support she is getting to expand her business.
Now she is able to make a stable income of ` 4000 / month and can afford her husband's off-days due to lack of demand in the market or ill health. Her distribution network now covers both wholesalers and retailers. Usha says that the four loans taken from ESAF have significantly improved her standard of living. Using the money, drugstore she bought raw materials to increase the production volume. This helps her to keep churning out the product in accordance with the market demand. She then happily concluded by pointing her finger towards the refrigerator she bought recently.

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