waterloansuccessstoryShaluTirpude resides in Silli near Bhandara. For this poor lady, no rx collecting water for daily use was an uphill task as she couldn't afford owning a water tap connection at home. She used to lug water from a municipal tap located almost 2 kms away from her home. Sometimes, she used to wait for hours in the queue and ended up with no water to take back as the tap would run out of stock. Long wait in the queue also affect her daily routines like sending children to school. Meanwhile, Shalu came to know about ESAF WATSAN loans through her friends. She was so delighted and to know more about the scheme she contacted ESAF staff, who educated her in detail about the WATSAN loans under NirmalJeevandhara Project. As Shalu was so eager to get rid of the tedious routine of collecting water from distant places she soon agreed to join the project. ESAF staff educated her on the water and sanitation loans and the importance of clean water. The staff then met the Sarpanch of the village and introduced the project to him as well. As he was impressed with the project, he soon made arrangements to install pipe lines in the whole village. After getting these positive responses, the NJD staff organized a community mobilization and training program, in which the clients were educated on the importance of clean water and sanitation.

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