vimalaramdassuccessstoryManufacturing and dealing with nuts and bolts is no more the fiefdom of men. That's what Vimala Ramdas from Perinjanam, check Thrissur, rx exemplifies. The 45 year old lady is silently putting efforts to expand her business of manufacturing plastic nuts and bolts and other plastic products like droppers used for eyes and ears. The task is not that easy as what her success reflects; one has to be on the toes always to keep changing the mould, every time a piece is ready to be taken out. Before starting her own enterprise, Vimala was languishing in a similar workshop as a daily wage earner. The unit was on the verge of winding up and Vimala was prudent enough to convert the crisis into an opportunity. Using the financial assistance from ESAF Microfinance, she bought the machines of the dying company. Through the Shram Jyothi project, ESAF also supported her in registering her business and getting an ID card, which brought her recognition as an entrepreneur. Her experience speaks for the quality of the products, as she is involved in this business for more than 10 years. She produces 1000 pieces everyday and sell it for Rs 350. She also gives employment to 2-3 women members from her sangam. She along with her women staff is able to run the business successfully without the support of their family. She now has plans to buy an upgraded machine, which will help her increase the volume.

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