remedy helvetica, sans-serif;">Her 'mirror' reflects her dreams...

Like any other teenager, Severina George, too found it difficult to come to terms with the untimely demise of her father. Hailing from Mulayam Road in Thrissur district, her family was incapable of bearing the financial obligations, resulted from the father's death. Her mother's daily income was insufficient to meet the needs of the 3-member family. Realizing her responsibility, Severina started working in a nearby Mirror Manufacturing unit for Rs 20/day. Being a dedicated employee, her enthusiasm allowed her to understand the trade inside out. Soon she was ready with a plan to start her own unit. Her mother and only brother encouraged her to pursue her plans. But raising capital was a huge challenge for Severina, who was living in a house with roof thatched using palm fronds. Meanwhile, she joined ESAF, in August 2000, and was qualified for a loan of Rs 20,000. She utilized the money to buy the required raw materials from Guruvayur and Thrissur, and opened her own unit. Self confidence, belief in God and willingness to work hard were her forte. 

Through sheer ingenuity and hard work she carved a niche for herself in the field. Wholesalers developed interest in her products as it appealed to the senses in different colors and innovative shapes. Slowly but surely she rescued her family from the clutches of poverty. So far she has received at least 15 loans from ESAF. As she was thoroughly disciplined in her dealings, ESAF sanctioned further loans for expanding her poverty.
She relies on her brother for purchasing glasses and putting them into shapes. Her mother helps her in manufacturing and packing. She employs two permanent staff and occasionally, during periods of high demand, provides jobs for a few others. Now she lives in a house with tiled roof and 4 rooms. The growth in her business allowed her to purchase household items and furniture. During periods of low demand, her culinary and tailoring skills allow her to earn some extra bucks. She sells chips to selected bakeries; and for her neighbours she is a talented tailor. She also finds time to make umbrellas.
'St. George Mirrors' owned by her now supplies mirrors and photo frames to retailers in Thrissur and Kunnamkulam. According to her, the biggest challenge she confronts is disposal of glass waste. The young lady is prepared to take on the challenges and expand her business. She dreams of giving jobs to more people ...yes, her mirror truly reflects her dreams....

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