premambikaiPremambikai, prostate owns an ‘instant mix’ rice flour producing unit in Pollachi-Tamil Nadu, tadalafil and is making it big among the micro-entrepreneurs. As a healthy breakfast supplement her product (a mix for preparing Puttu) is much sought after in the entire Tamil Nadu region. “I feel honored when people call me and appreciate the product’s quality”, says Premambikai.
In the initial years, she had to struggle hard to carve a niche in the micro-business world. She boug-ht machines worth `5 lac and employed three women. But her initial attempt to start a unit for producing dry coconut powder failed as the buyer recalled the orders placed. Her spirits were down to the lowest ebb when she failed to find other buyers. But her family stood by her and motivated her to launch something innovative.
Thus she came up with the idea of simplifying puttu preparation, a favorite breakfast dish of South Indians, made out of rice flour dough, which is lagered with gated coconut and steamed in hollow bamboo cylinder. The challenges she faced were a plenty, although the product was launched 10 years back. Most of the problems stemmed from her lack of knowledge in marketing the product. She relied on middle men to export the product to countries like Switzerland and the product lacked quality packing to attract the elite class.
Now life has come a full cycle for Premambikai. She is a staunch supporter of the Shram Jyothi Project jointly promoted by ESAF and International Labour Organization (ILO). She believes that the project will work wonders for many women entrepreneurs. She has attended all the trainings provided under this project including enterprise specific BDS training and has gained valuable knowledge on marketing strategies. Above all, she wants to innovate another edible item, which will be helpful to thousands of housewives, without compromising on the quality...

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