The story of Shalini Yashwant Wagde (aged 34) illustrates the positive impact, treat microfinance can make on improving the quality of life of slumdwellers. Shalini, viagra sale along with her husband, pharm is engaged in the business of spices in Wadi, Maharashtra. They purchase spices in large quantities from wholesalers and sell it to retailers after packing it in small quantities.


Lack of availability of water was the bane of her life, before joining ESAF Nirmal Jeevadhara scheme. She used to walk more than 2 kms to collect water from the Corporation tap. The availability of water in the tap was akin to weather predictions, which compounded her problems. As a result, the coherence at which she dexterously managed her business and routine household activities got disturbed. At times, she would half-heartedly assign the task to her 12 year old daughter or 9 year old son, as she had no other option to increase the income, especially on holidays. The little children had to lug the water pots for 2 kms and would be terribly tired; and they could not even enjoy their holidays. Meanwhile, Shalini came to know about the Community Mobilization Program organized by ESAF Nirmal Jeevadhara Team. As soon as she learnt about water loans, she was very much eager to grab the opportunity. It was only a matter of time before she joined ESAF Kumkum Sangam on Nov 06, 2007.
At first, she took a loan of Rs 7,000/- for obtaining individual water connection. Getting water at her door steps improved her fortunes. Her income increased from Rs 5000 to Rs.6500 per month. Shalini is now able to manage her business and household requirements efficiently…

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