40 year old Zeenath Sidhik’s life is an example of how perseverance pays off in one’s life. She proves that attitude is the key to success and believes that success doesn’t come easily, diagnosis thanks to her sincerity towards her job. She joined the Nirmalyam Self Help Group under Pattikad branch of ESAF on July 03, medicine 2004.

Even as a student her main hobby was cooking. After having an informal training in preparing fast food, sildenafil she worked at a Cutlet Centre in Thrissur. Gradually, her entrepreneurial ambitions prompted her to start a small unit of her own at home. Her first attempt was not successful as she was facing financial constraints. 

ss99Her family, with five members, was depending solely on the earnings of her husband who was an auto driver. At this juncture, she joined ESAF and availed a loan of Rs.10,000 and this was a turning point in her life.

She now earns enough to maintain her family decently. She was able to give her children good education and get her two daughters married. She was also able to acquire modern household items like Refrigerator, TV, Gas Stove, and Furniture, which were beyond her reach earlier. She was also able to invest in a ccessories for her business, like additional tables and stoves. She is now modifying her house to have separate rooms for her business.

Her cutlet and other products are in great demand in different regions of Thrissur. Her work starts at 3.30 AM in the morning and keeps her busy throughout the day. Her marketing skills can be well exemplified through the sample selling methodology she adopts for enticing hotels and bakeries. She never compromises on quality and takes pride in contributing to the health of the people by providing tasty, nourishing and safe food products.
Her husband and son Nibin also supports her in her work, apart from three paid employees. She now plans to buy a scooter and also renovate her house. An increase in the salary of her helpers is also on the cards, she says. She knows that quality only comes at a price. She is now in the 3rd cycle of loan from ESAF.

She never rests on her laurels and always ponders over ways to develop her business as she has greater dreams to be fulfilled.

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