arogyamitraIn August 2016, thumb ESAF organized a three-day capacity building program for Arogyamithra health workers. Jacob Samuel, order Social Advisor, pilule ESAF Microfinance inaugurated the function. Ajil Lawrence, Project Officer, Arogyamithra led the second session and had highlighted on the importance of sugar level in human body.
Beena George, AGM, Corporate Social Responsibility, conducted the training session for AHWs. During the session, she introduced the concepts of mental health, mental illness and mental issues related to women. The prime objective of this session was to remove taboos, misconceptions and discrimination related to mental health issues in the society.
Sandhya Suresh, Senior Manager, Social Performance Management, ESAF took a session on Cancer. She oriented mainly about risk factors and preventive strategies of cancer. The detailed session on cervical cancer and breast cancer developed a better understanding among Arogyamithra Health Workers and they mentioned about the same in the feedback forum. This Session also covered preventive strategies for NCDs and mental illness

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