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ESAF initiates steps for first full ‘NPS Panchayath’

Lissy Kuruvilla, inaugurating NPS program at Paingattur

ESAF Microfinance has initiated steps to convert Paingattur Panchayath, in Kothamangalam - Eranakulam District, to become the first full National Pension Scheme (NPS) Panchayath in Kerala. The program at Paingattur was inaugurated by Lissy Kuruvilla, Panchayath President. K. L. Paul, Vice President, presided over the function. George Thomas, Director Operations, ESAF Microfinance, also spoke on the occasion.

On the new initiative, K. Paul Thomas, Managing Director, ESAF Microfinance opined that ESAF was performing well on the NPS front and the initiative at Paingattur was to complement its efforts to fulfill a larger mission.  ESAF Microfinance is one among the few aggregators selected by the Government of India to implement the NPS Scheme. This Universal Social Security Scheme is intended to protect the elderly against economic deprivation.

ESAF celebrates ‘Onam 2012’

K. Paul Thomas delivering his Onam message. Also seen are George Thomas, A. Akbar, Thanka Prasad, Rema Nair and Mereena Paul.

ESAF celebrated ‘Onam’ the most popular Kerala festival in grand style at the Society Hall, Mannuthy on Aug 25, 2012.  The program was inaugurated by K. Paul Thomas, Managing Director, ESAF Microfinance. Thanka Prasad, Assistant General Manager, State Bank of Travancore was the Chief Guest for the program. George Thomas, Director Operations, ESAF Microfinance and A. Akbar, Strategic Advisor also spoke on the occasion.

In the Floral Carpet contest held as part of the festival, Finance team won the First prize. IT & SIT team won the Second prize and HR & Kerala Operations teams won the Third prize. Joy M. Mannur, President, Press Club, Thrissur, Dr. Jyothi Bhaskar, and Dr. Estelitta, Professors from Communication Centre, Agricultural University, Mannuthy were the Chief Judges for the Floral Carpet contest. The Onam programs were held across all the branches in the country. Prizes for the winners were distributed by Rema Nair (Ms. Thanka Prasad, Chief Guest).

ESAF celebrates Independence Day 2012

Independence Day program in progress

ESAF branches across the country celebrated the 65th Independence Day with great zeal and gaiety on Aug 15, 2012. At the Head Office, George Thomas, Director Operations, ESAF Microfinance, hoisted the National Flag in a colorful ceremony organized at Ebenezer Complex, Mannuthy. During his Independence Day message, George Thomas exhorted the employees to actively contribute to counter social evils in the society. Simon C.P., Head Internal Audit, proposed a vote of thanks.

ESAF conducts client satisfaction survey

In order to assess the satisfaction levels of our clients, ESAF has started conducting Client Satisfaction Survey for various products of ESAF Microfinance. Along with the Client Satisfaction Survey, a Client Transformation Assessment Survey was also conducted. An estimated sample size of 1000 clients was taken from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Central India and the final report of the survey would be released in October.

ESAF organizes Pedestrian Preference Surveys

ESAF Livable Cities Project team conducted a pedestrian perception survey in the month of August to evaluate the pedestrians' perception of the facilities available in the city of Thrissur. Pedestrians were randomly intercepted for this purpose. Their perception on the current pedestrian facilities was recorded along with their preferences on improvements. 30 important locations were identified for the purpose of the survey. The trained surveyors interviewed the pedestrians using the questionnaire provided. Pedestrian count was also recorded from different parts of the city.

ESAF supports landslide victims

Christudas K.V., distributing kit to the landslide victims

ESAF supported landslide victims in Peringattur by providing them with beds, pillows, chairs, almarahs and other utensils. The program was inaugurated by Christudas K.V., General Manager, ESAF on Aug 17, 2012. Lissy Kuruvilla, Panchayath President, presided over the function. Sibu K.A., Deputy General Manager, Eby Koshy, Public Relations Officer (PRO) and K.L. Paul, Panchayath Vice-President spoke on the occasion. Nissar Muhammed, Panchayath Member, welcomed the gathering and Mini proposed a vote of thanks. K. Paul Thomas, Managing Director, ESAF Microfinance contributed Rs 25,000 to the Disaster Relief Fund.  In Alapuzha, ESAF supported landslide victims at Purakadu on Aug 20, 2012.

ESAF promotes ‘Aksharajyothi Scheme’ of Mangalam daily

In order to encourage the reading habits among rural children, ESAF has agreed to partner with Mangalam daily to promote their Aksharajyothi scheme. The program was launched in Pattikadu, in Thrissur district and Kothamangalam, in Eranakulam district. The program at Pattikadu was, held on Aug 05, 2012, was inaugurated by Jacob Samuel, Social Advisor, ESAF Microfinance and at Kothamangalam was, held on Aug 23, 2012, inaugurated by Biju K.J., Area Manager.

ESAF Organizes Research Methodology workshop

A Research Methodology workshop was conducted for R & D team from Aug 06. 2012 to Aug 08, 2012. Classes were led by postgraduates from International Institute of Population Studies (IIPS), Mumbai and it helped the participants to understand more about sampling techniques, research methodology, data analysis and interpretation etc.



As on 31th July 2012    
Outreach in Rs(Mn) in US $(Mn)
Group Lending    
Districts 33  
Branches 151  
Centers 29125  
Members 489384  
Active Borrowers 344604  
Gross portfolio Rs 2428.54 43.59
Own portfolio Rs 2141.54 38.44
Managed portfolio Rs 287.00 5.15
Portfolio Distribution    
Income Generation Loan Rs 1575.26 28.28
Income Generation Loan(2 Year) Rs 736.46 13.22
General Loan Rs 107.69 1.93
VVY Loan Rs 8.32 0.15
Housing Loan Rs 0.81 0.01
Personnel Strength    
Loan Officers 888  
Total Staff 1502  
During the Month    
New Clients 11,912  
Amt. Disbursed Rs 297.76 5.34
Note:- 1$=Rs.55.71