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ESAF encourages Internship programs on social performance

K. Paul Thomas giving the internship certificates to Roxane Lienart

As part of the internship programs organized by ESAF R&D department 3 students were awarded internship certificates in the month of June 2012. All the students selected topics related to Social Performance / Responsible finance. Roxane Lienart, Masters in Microfinance, Solvay School of Business – Belgium, worked on the topic Social Performance Management Systems in ESAF, Oki Evans Palme, MBA Finance, Calicut University, worked on the topic Socio Economic returns from the perspective of ESAF Microfinance, and Vineeth Kunnath, MBA Finance, College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram, worked on the topic responsible finance and the issue of over indebtedness.

ESAF celebrates World Environment Day 2012

Christudas K.V., along with Meera Sundaram distributing saplings to the school children

ESAF in association with Thrissur Social Forestry celebrated World Environment Day in fitting style on June 5, 2012. ESAF Swasraya Producers Company Ltd. (ESPCL), SHG Federation and Natural Resources Management Division took active role in organizing the program. The program at Sandeepani School, Kuttumukku, was inaugurated by Christudas K.V., Director, ESAF Society. In his inaugural address, he dwelt at length on the role played by ESAF NRM division in popularizing good environmental practices and the perils of a world that was fast becoming a concrete jungle. Meera Sundaram, Principal, Sandeepani School, presided over the function. She along with Christudas K.V., distributed 500 saplings to the students. At the Head Office, ESAF employees took World Environment Day oath, an act performed in line with the values followed by the Organization

ESAF distributes Duron Solar Lamps

On June 08, 2012, ESAF Micro Energy initiatives team organized a program for distributing Duron Solar lamps to the SHG members at Kodungallur Area. Christudas K.V., GM, Dairy and Micro Energy products, ESAF Microfinance inaugurated the program. 45 members participated in the program held at Kodungallur branch.

ESAF extends help to a 5 year old child

Jacob Samuel, Director Health Care, handing over the cheque to Ajith

By remaining true to its vision of building a better world, ESAF provided financial support to a 5 year old child who is undergoing treatment for a congenital heart problem. The function was held at the Vaniamkulam branch. Jacob Samuel, Director Healthcare, ESAF handed over the cheque.

ESAF gives financial support to the children of artisans

ESAF Microfinance in association with ESAF Swasraya Producers Company Ltd., organized a program to provide financial aid to the children of artisans who were working in the Training and Production Units of ESAF situated at Kozhijampara, Vanjippura and Kara. Jacob Samuel, Director Healthcare, ESAF, distributed the financial aid in both the areas on June 21st and 24th respectively.

ESAF gives educational support

ESAF gives educational support to the children of HIV infected persons treated in Snehasantwanam, Palakkad.  Snehasantwanam based in Palakkad is an initiative to support people suffering from HIV. Jacob Samuel, Director Healthcare, ESAF distributed the gifts to 73 children.

ESAF organizes seminar on Happy Parenting

ESAF organized a seminar on Happy Parenting on June 23 and 24, 2012. Twenty three participants benefitted from the program held at ESAF Head Office.  Dr. Samson Gandhi, Dr.  P.J. Kochuthresia, were the chief counsellors.


  • As on 31st May 2012
Outreach In Rs.(Mn.) In US$ (Mn)
Group Lending    
Districts 33  
Branches 149  
Centers 27464  
Members 473629  
Active Borrowers 333571  
Gross portfolio Rs 2671.70 $ 48.25
Own portfolio Rs 2234.84 $ 40.36
Managed portfolio Rs 436.86 $ 7.89
Portfolio Distribution    
Income Generation Loan Rs 1883.20 $ 34.01
Income Generation Loan(2 Year) Rs 673.75 $ 12.17
General Loan Rs 104.54 $ 1.89
VVY Loan Rs 9.26 $ 0.17
Housing Loan Rs 0.95 $ 0.02
Personnel Strength    
Loan Officers 908  
Total Staff 1505  
During the Month    
New Clients 15,332  
Amt. Disbursed Rs 374.32 $ 6.76
  • Note:- 1$=Rs.55.37